Dear colleagues of the Greek Association of Paediatric Surgeons,

The European Society of Paediatric Endoscopic Surgeons (ESPES), its President Philippe Montupet, and all members of the Executive Board, warmly welcome you to our Society.

Since the foundation of ESPES six years ago and as a result of the enthusiastic efforts of many paediatric surgeons, who support and practice minimally invasive surgery, this society has evolved and grown to become the “scientific house” of all paediatric endoscopic surgeons in Europe.

One of our objectives is to unite the vast majority of paediatric endoscopic surgeons from all European scientific societies around a collaborative project that covers all areas of our professional and scientific practice.

Through its scientific meetings, ESPES works as a common platform for divulging and promoting the work and technical advancements that are emerging in every country, in every Society, and which often do not extend beyond their national borders. Therefore, it is our desire to collect the feedback and opinions from all paediatric surgeons in Europe.

ESPES is very devoted for educational and training programs. Specially, we believe that it can be both, fruitful and beneficial, for young surgeons who are now starting Minimally Invasive Surgery to be able to undertake practical training courses in endosurgical techniques through several scientific Societies, under the auspices of ESPES.

Looking forward to see you at our 6th ESPES annual Congress in Madrid, on September 2016 (for more information you are welcome to visit our website at, receive our warmest regards.

ESPES Executive Board