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The Venue is located at the grounds of the Medical Centre at Kephalari. The Auditorium is designed to host a wide variety of events with capacity of 260 participants.

Its discrete luxury in combination with its modern technological equipment provide a high quality environment for scientific gatherings.

The Auditorium is equipped with audio systems, cameras, translation cabins and online connection ensuring live audio-visual transmission from all over the world.

This contemporary technological infrastructure guarantees the success of scientific lectures, seminars and international congresses of high demand and expectations.

Auxiliary Halls of 150 sq.m. and 210 sq.m. can support the needs of special presentations, seminars and workshops, simultaneously or independently of the main function of the Auditorium.

Additionally, an open-plan space of 900 sq.m. is ideal for hosting a variety of events, such as exhibitions or other activities of smaller or larger scale.